I’m a craftsman from Genoa (Genova) and work in the sector for making signs for shops and stores from 1975.  I started to be interested in this art and job at the age of 14, working for one of the most important company in Genoa (Genova) specializing  in advertising signs.




Through the years I have developed an excellente expertise in all the principal techniques for the production and making of signs and decorations: iron carpentry/ carpenter in iron, letters in metal, craved soldered tin plate and plastic, serigraphy, written in enamel and gold coin leaf,   signs in rounded wrought iron,  neon signs and ‘old’ period type signs.







It’s exactly thanks to the love and passion for this profession that I opened my activity in Genoa (Genova) in Via del Molo 59 rosso,  offering the possibility to touch with hand and appreciate the high quality and refined style of advertising signs that I produce.